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ASCO Regalia Items

NEW - ASCO Anniversary Car Badge - Only £25.00 + P&P £1.50

NEW - ASCO Umbrellas - 1 metre Diameter -  £14.00 + P&P £3.50

ASCO Enamel Car Badge: £10.00 + P&P £1.50

ASCO Old Style Brass Car Badge: £12.50  + P&P £1.50

     ASCO Polo Shirt: £18.00  + P&P £3.50

                 Colours: Royal Blue,, Bottle Green

                 Sizes: Medium; Large;  Extra Large;  Double Extra Large.

ASCO Sweatshirt: £19.50 + P&P £3.50

                 Colours: Royal Blue, Bottle Green

           Sizes: Medium;  Large;  Extra Large;  Double Extra Large.

Lapel Badge:   £2.00 + P&P £0.80p

SINGER Mug (China):    £3.00 + P&P £2.50

     SINGER Baseball Cap: Blue or Green: £8.00 +P&P £2.00

NOTE:  P&P prices above are for single items for delivery in the UK.  If you require multiple items, or for delivery outside the UK,  please complete and submit the ‘Availability & Cost Form’ below.  We will then e-mail you with confirmation of availability and total cost as soon as possible.