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…is a picture I took of my Hunter, Selwyn, on the famous Brooklands banking.  It was October 2014 when we met up with Andrew Roberts and his photographer,Tony Baker, for a photo-shoot to accompany an article he was writing for the Classic and Sports Car magazine, comparing the Hunter with Peter Rodd’s Mark lll Sunbeam.  The article and pictures, which were published in the Jan 2018 Classic and Sports Car Magazine, are excellent, but Andrew’s story was ‘in the can’ for around three

years before being published, by which time it appears he had forgotten my name and attributed the Hunter’s ownership to one Alan Rudge, which was rather disappointing. By the way, Andrew, the tool tray is under the dash-board shelf, not in the boot!

PS:  I  have since received a gracious apology from Andrew , and a correction has been published in the C&SC magazine - Mike.

On the Cover of our March - April 2018 Issue