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To see Sample Articles from this issue:

CLICK HERE for Article 1 - President’s Patois - The Ex-John Hodge Singer 9 Racer.

CLICK HERE for Article 2 - 1919 Singer Ten at Bonhams

CLICK HERE for Article 3 - Simon’s Snaps No 92 - Coach-built Singers in the 1920s

Our Front Cover Picture . . .

… is of John Horne with his recently restored 1.5 litre Le Mans SSM, MG 3285, previously owned by Betty Haig, receiving the trophy for the ‘Overall Concours Winner’ from Heather True, watched by Dave True - our two recently appointed Vice Presidents.  The picture was sent in by Barry Paine, who had received it from David Swann, and is thought to have been taken in the early days of ASCO by a ‘Talbot News’ photographer and published in their in-house magazine.  (Talbot were owners of the ‘Singer’ name at the time.)

John says he’s never seen it before, but thinks it may have been taken at Coombe Abbey in the early eighties.   I have therefore checked my back issues of the ASCO Magazine, and found a report by Barry on the SNCR at Coombe Abbey in July 1981, which tells us the Pre-war class was won by C Gibson and his 1935 LM 9hp, and another in the Aug 1982 issue, listing the Winners at the Arbury Hall SNCR.  This tells us J Horne with his 1934 LM SSM was awarded Second prize.  So it wasn’t either of those years.  (Also, in the Sept 1982 Mag, there is this rather grainy picture of John’s car at Arbury Hall.)  I don’t have a copy of the July 1980 issue, so I asked Barry if he by any chance had one, which he did, and in it is a report on the 1980 SNCR at Coombe Abbey, where John Horne with his 1934 1.5 LM SSM was awarded First prize - BINGO!

Barry then asked me if I had recognised the other young man in the picture (he with the camera).  I hadn’t, but he says Anne is certain it is our very own Simon Bishop!  So with three of the club’s founding members together, and so early in the club’s history, this is a significant addition to our photographic archive, for which many thanks again to David Swann.