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The Association of Singer Car Owners

To JOIN ASCO or to RENEW your Membership using PayPal - incl paying by Credit or Debit Card - (Option 3.)

For those wishing to pay their subscription to join ASCO, or to renew their Membership using PayPal or a Credit Card, please note there is a small surcharge to cover the PayPal commission. In either case, please refer to the Table below and note the appropriate amount payable depending on where you live and the month in which you are joining.  

To JOIN ASCO: CLICK HERE for an Application Form to print off.  Fill in the details, then either scan it to pdf or a jpg picture file, and when you have made your payment, either attach the file to an e-mail it to the ASCO Webmaster or post it to the ASCO Membership Secretary - addresses are on the Application Form.  (We are sorry for this inconvenience, but the provider of the ‘Submit Form’ function has withdrawn the facility.)

To RENEW your Membership: Note the appropriate Subscription Rate in the RENEW Column (above) for where you live, then Click on the PAY NOW button below to be transferred to the PayPal On-Line payment processor.   Enter the appropriate amount in the ’Price per Item’ box, but without the ‘£’ sign - you will see GBP is already entered. (If you wish, you may add a donation to the George Singer Memorial Fund to the amount .)  

If you have just joined ASCO we wish you a warm welcome to the Club.

A ‘New Member Welcome Pack’ will be in the post to you within
the next few days.  

If you have just renewed your membership - Thank you.   Your new Membership Card will be sent with your next Mascot magazine.

 If you already have a personal PayPal Account, simply Log In and pay the amount normally.  
To pay via PayPal using a Credit or Debit Card,  proceed to select the Country from where payment is being made.  At this point the page may change to the ‘PayPal Guest Checkout’. (See Note below.) Continue to enter your Card and other details, but before proceeding to ‘Pay Now’, don’t forget to tick the box agreeing to PayPal’s privacy Policy.  Click on Pay Now, and proceed to complete the transaction.  You will receive confirmation of the payment from PayPal, and ASCO will receive a ‘Notification of Payment received’.  Your new Membership Card will be sent with your next Mascot.

Note : As a result of investigating problems encountered by some members, we have been informed that some overseas countries impose a limit on the number of times the ‘Pay as a Guest’ facility may be used, and require that you set up a personal PayPal account.  If this happens when you try to use the facility, we would ask that to avoid having to try and make alternative arrangements to pay your subs, you do set up your own PayPal account.  You can link this to your Credit Card so you still have only the one account to settle. You may also find it very useful to have this account  to pay for any Spares or items of Club Regalia you may wish to purchase from ASCO.