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ASCO Registrars, Regalia and            Awards Officers

There is an ASCO Registrar for every model of Singer car. They hold the Club Library and any Club Spares for their vehicles. For details and how to contact them click on the particular model of car.

Regalia Officer:   Sara Watts

Awards Officer:    Peter Watts

Singer 10, 10/26, Senior (Vintage):  Simon Bishop

Singer Super 10, Super 12 & 12:   Bill Tull

Singer Junior:       Mike Hyman

Singer Le-Mans Saloons/Sports (32-39) & 11: John Horne

Singer Roadster:  Tony Gutteridge

Singer Hunter, SM 1500, HRG:  Bill Tull

Singer Gazelle:     Post Vacant

Singer Vogue:       Nigel Hughes

Singer Chamois:   Graham Smith

Singer Bantam:      David Garn