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On the Cover of our July - August 2014 Issue

A rare opportunity during our AGM on 4 May at the Midlands Air Museum, Coventry, to park Mike Hyman’s 1956 Singer Hunter beside the museum’s Hawker Hunter, making two of ‘The Very Best of British.’  

Interestingly, both were built in the 1950s within a few miles of each other, the ‘plane at the Hawker Siddeley works on Coventry airfield, adjacent to the museum, and the car at the Singer works in nearby Birmingham.  

The Midlands Air Museum at Coventry was a great venue for our AGM, with the bonus of being allowed to park our Singers among the external exhibits. 3 other Singers turned up at the Museum and were arrayed beside the English Electric Lightning F3.  1,972 of these ‘planes were made in the 1950s, perhaps the most famous being the modified prototype, which on 7th September 1953 broke the world air-speed record at 727.63 mph (1171.01 km/h).  

The Lightnings replaced the Hawker Hunter.

The 4 Singers are: John Taylor’s 1925 10/26, Barry Paine’s 1962 Mk1 Vogue Estate, Chris Hayward’s 1960 Gazelle Convertible and Mike Hyman’s 1956 Hunter.

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