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Sample Article No 3 from the March - April 2014 Mascot

Letters- from Bob Sluman, via the ASCO Website - 18 Dec 2013

Dear ASCO.  I am hoping you can help me - I came across some photos of a Singer 9 Le Mans, BGT 35, in one of my father’s albums.  My Dad joined the RAF in 1940, and the pictures were taken between 1940 and 1943 when he was a Leading Airman.  In one of them he is sitting in the car, which belonged to his brother Henry, who was a nurse.

At the start of the war my Mum was living in Oxted, Surrey, which was under the German bomb run to London, but before I was born she went to Yarkhill in Herefordshire, which was a


a safer place to live.  During the first part of the war  Dad was stationed close to London, and I think he borrowed the car to go home to Yarkhill on leave to see Mum.

I wondered if the car has survived, and if you have any information about it.

*        *        *        *         *        *

Dear Bob. Thank you for the pictures of BGT 35 - it’s great to see it still with its wartime markings and headlamp shroud.  Unfortunately there is no record of it at the DVLA. There are 3 possible reasons for this - either: 1 - the car has been scrapped;   2 - it has been exported; 3 - it is tucked away in a barn or garage somewhere, awaiting rediscovery or restoration.  Running boards were added for the 1935 models, and BGT 35 is a London registration in August ‘35, so it is one of the 1st 1935 LMs to be made.  

I recently found this picture of BGT 35 in the August 1938 issue of Popular Motoring - Singer’s in-house magazine.  It’s a bit surprising that it managed to gain 1st prize despite the front number plate being somewhat awry!

The Singer Le Mans two-seater entered by Miss Fay Taylour.   Finished in black and chrome it was attractive enough to gain 1st prize in the open car class up to £200.

Best wishes,  Mike.

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