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Sample Article No 2 from the March - April 2014 Mascot

Mr & Mrs Clifford Hunt and Bob Burnie

at the 1935 Jubilee Trial

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President’s Patois - from John Horne

Ystalyfera and The Early History of KV 9245

Many thanks to Val Trevallion in Ystalyfera, who has been a mine of information on a motoring club in South Wales and some of its members, and what follows owes much to her.  In most books, especially those by C A N May, such as ‘Wheel-spin’ and ‘More Wheel-spin’, all the trials through the years 1930 to 1940 take place in the Derbyshire hills, the Cotswold hills, through Dorset, Devon, and Cornwall, but in the study of trials history in general, Wales figures very little.   Altogether, from  20/01/34 to 08/09/36, we know of only about twelve events that took place in South Wales, but there could well be more.  However, Val has found quite a lot of information, some of which is reproduced below, and with luck it may whet the appetite of someone to write a history of Motor-sport in Wales 1920/1940.   


Val tells me:  “I have been looking into the history of KV 9245, which first spent a number of years in Ystalyfera in the hands of Clifford Hunt, subsequently spending most of it’s time in the south of Wales. Clifford Hunt would have most likely started in motor sport riding a 5-6 hp Indian as a member the Ystalyfera Motor Cycle Club, of which he was captain. In one event, the ‘Welsh Auto and Aero Clubs Reliability Trial’, I have a record of him winning the ‘Unlimited’ class. Then there is a record of him as a member of the

Tawe District Motor Club, which was formed around 1920.  Here Clifford is described as one of the stalwarts of the club. That he gave his name to a Trial with the ‘Hunt Cup’ is evident.

Another stalwart was C R Henwood, who also gave his name to a Trial, and seemed to be the recipient of ex-works Singers.  I am sure all three Brooklands Singers from the 1933 relay race at Brooklands, driven by Kay Petre, Mrs Tolhurst, and Eileen Ellison, were dealt with by this man, as also was the 1934 Singer Le Mans Team with ‘Nine’ type 3s.  A visit to Ms Henwood elicited little information, as she had left the family many years ago.  

It would seem C R Henwood was a very wealthy man, and the owner of property.  

Other than that I learned nothing at all, so he remains a mystery man as far as a connection to Singers in Coventry goes.

Clifford Hunt had a general store in Ystalyfera.  This has gone the way of most small shops and has been turned in to a house. I have googled the site and see there is no place to keep a car, so presume it would have been garaged near by. There was a service station owned by Dom Impani and another owned by Tudor Rees, which was also a garage.


The 1935 Jubilee Rally was organised by Dom Impani.  This was run over 200 miles of road sections under    reliability trial conditions,   followed by eliminating tests in a field near Woodlands Service Station.  KV 9245 was in a team with an MG Magna, GW 2495, and a Singer Le Mans type 2, WN 6210, driven by Bob Burnie.

Dom Impani presented the Woodland Trophy to Glyn Johnson for best performance in his MG Magna, and Jubilee medals to R J Burnie of Swansea, Singer Le Mans; E Stephens, MG Midget; W Leyshon, Standard;  W Selway, Singer Le Mans;  G Kerby, Singer Le Mans, and the  C F Hunt Team.  Something like 100 cars were entered, with 500 spectators watching the eliminating tests at Ystalyfera.”

Bob Burnie, Clifford Hunt & friend

Bob Burnie awaiting the starter’s gun in his LM