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This picture is from a First Day Cover for sale on E-bay, sent in by Alan Hillier.  The vendor claims it depicts the Singer Eleven and George Singer, pioneer of the motor industry.  I asked him if he was sure it was George Singer, as he had died in 1909.  He replied that it was an art work, not a photograph, but it looked like old George to him, although I could be right as it may very well be his son Buck or Bertie or even a proud member of our association!

The story on the back of the envelope tells how the first of Singer’s best selling models, the Singer Ten, was introduced in 1912, and of its winning several races the same year.  The sleek Model Eleven pictured, sported such innovations as independent front suspension and fluid drive, which permitted clutch-less gear change.

The Faroe islands of the North Atlantic issued the stamp featured on this First Day Cover, to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the EUROPA stamp series on 2 April 1984.

The Envelope was offered at a ‘Buy-it-Now ‘ price of US$ 7.95.              Ed.

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