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Yet another Sample Article from the Sept - Oct 2013 MASCOT

Victory is in Sight - by Mike Hyman

Three more Singer adverts from those given to me by Paul Mason of BMW, Camberley, and which possibly came from ‘The Motor Industry’ magazine.  Whilst they are not dated, the wording clearly puts them close to the end of the war, say mid 1945, when Singer Motors Limited were obviously cranking up and preparing for
‘When Peace reigns again.’

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Another Singer Motors Limited advert using the same ‘Ten’ picture as on the right, but probably a little later, says:

“GOODWILL is the inward and invisible seed which   blossoms into mutual respect and confidence between Manufacturer and client.  It will ever be our own aim to retain this desirable relationship, and we look  forward with confidence to the time when old and happy connections will again be resumed.”

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“Throughout the war we were totally engaged on making the weapons of Victory.  Since the war ended, we have been busy redesigning, retooling and reorganising.

There was one advantage in having, as it were, to start afresh.  It gave us a free hand.  We could thresh out a definite peacetime policy, and organise our resources accordingly.  And that is what we have done.

Basically, our policy is this : to offer you quality in keeping with cost.  A car, today, is costly.  Purchase tax, superimposed on current price levels, makes that   unavoidable. For any good car today you must pay what used to be an outstanding price.  Can you, without too great an additional outlay, get what you have to pay for - a really outstanding car?  The Super Ten  Saloon, which is now reaching the dealers, is the first of the new models on which we base our conviction that you can.”

Mike H.

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