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A Sample Article from the Sept - Oct  2013 MASCOT

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Downham Market School Prom.

The term ‘School prom’ was a new one on me - when I was at school many years ago such things hadn't been dreamed up.

I was therefore pleasantly surprised to be asked by Andrew McAdam to transport his daughter Fiona and school chums from their homes to Downham Market High School in my Gazelle Convertible, for their prom. The girls looked great in their dresses and Billy looked a smart young gent in his suit. Here you see the girls in the Singer, ready to set out for the school, where they would be greeted by a crowd of cheering pupils, parents and teachers.

From The Secretary’s Slot - by Barry Paine


Farewell Tony and Jean - Our local noggin group will be losing Tony and Jean Doyles in September when they move to Kent. Tony recently sold his rather smart 4AD Roadster to local enthusiast Paul Westcott - we are pleased Paul has joined ASCO, and look forward to seeing him from time to time with Tony's old car.  It's been great having Tony around, with his considerable engineering expertise and skill, from which, I for one, have certainly benefited. Jean has always been very supportive of Tony's strong interest in old cars and has been seen occupying the Roadster passenger seat in all weathers. We shall miss Tony & Jean very much indeed, and wish them all good things in their new home. Here you see them sitting in my HRG 1500 at the last noggin.

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The three youngsters are Fiona McAdam (in red), Billy Dobie, her escort, and Jess Huggett (in blue). The Ser llla saloon belongs to Andrew.