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Another Article from the March - April 2013 Mascot

From My April 9th 1907 Copy of the Motor Magazine - from Jeremy Hyman

As well as the amusing cartoon “The Moustached Chauffeur”, I found this advert for an attachment to convert your motor bicycle into a safe and pleasurable 3-wheeler, but I am having some difficulty trying to figure out how the contraption works.

When I Googled Phoenix Motors, I learned from Grace’s Guide that in 1900 they were one of a number of firms who bought in Belgian Minerva engines to attach to its bicycles.

In 1902 a Forecar attachment was offered.  This replaced the single front wheel by two that carried a seat between them.  Removal was said to take only a few minutes.  The attachment was sold as the Trimo, and could be fitted to most other makes.  It was therefore very popular.  This would appear to fit in with the £15 15s upholstered body, cushion, apron and lamp brackets for passenger use.  

In 1903 a Trimo was adapted to use a Singer motor-wheel in place of both its engine and the usual rear wheel.   But I still haven’t got the hang of the steering!    

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