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An Article from the Jan-Feb 2013 Mascot

Simon’s Snaps - No 68

We haven’t featured many commercial vehicles in Simon's Snaps over the years, probably because Singers were not prolific producers of commercials, so perhaps it’s not surprising that few old photos come to light.

Few survived of a handful of Bantam vans, and as far as I know, only one Junior Delivery (in Devon), one 10/26 Delivery (in the hands of John Bramwell) and one 10hp Van (in the Coventry Museum of Transport) remain.  As to the larger commercials, I know of no survivors, so this month’s offering is interesting.

Unfortunately I can tell you nothing about this particular picture, other than it is a Singer Industrial Motors 2 ton lorry of 1930.  This is obviously a publicity shot - they could have removed the Trade Plates! - and looks as if it was taken on a wet autumn morning, which ties in with the Industrial Motors section being opened in September 1929, the first model to be produced being the 2-ton chassis.  On this could be mounted either the drop-side truck, as in the picture, or a Van body.  The engine was a 4-cylinder,   3053 cc, ohv, 20hp unit, with a 4-speed gearbox, and the brakes were servo-assisted.

There was also a bus version with a longer chassis, lowered between the axles, and with smaller, twin rear wheels, which carried a 20-seater coach body.  
And some of you may remember from the July 2011 Mascot, the picture sold on e-Bay of a Fuel Tanker mounted on a bus-type chassis for Sumner Bros of 22, Warwick Row, Coventry.

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