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Yet Another Article from the November - December Issue of MASCOT

Last Meal Near Tilbury - from John Taylor

This picture was given to me by my Best Man’s wife, Virginia Milne, whose mother Eileen Herbert was a member of the famous ‘Sopwith’ family, as she thought it might be a Singer.  Thanks to our Vintage Registrar, I was able to tell her it was a 1927 model Singer Senior, a clue being that the rear door is front-hinged - you can see it is slightly ajar - and I gather 1928/29 models were rear-hinged.

Our registration no guru Chris Hayward, tells me UC 6977 was a London registration used from January to March 1928.  UC 6977 was therefore probably issued in February 1928.  Mike also tells me there is no record of UC 6977 at the DVLA, so it is unlikely the car has survived.

On the back of the picture is written: ‘Last Meal Nr Tilbury’.  The picture was taken just before the end of their day out, prior to returning home to Ipswich via Burley Abbey.  

In the picture, which was taken in 1937, are, L-R: Virginia’s grandmother Elisabeth, mother Eileen (23) and her sisters Iris (18) and Nora (13).  Sadly, Iris was tragically drowned, together with her daughter Patricia, in the Felixstowe flood disaster in February 1953.

The car would appear to be well used, but I would hope the tyres on the road wheels were better than the spare, which looks virtually smooth!