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Another Article from the November - December Issue of MASCOT

After last month’s Mascot, with all that wonderful coverage of Ian North and Heidi Clapp’s team’s successful ‘End to End’ run, it seems only reasonable that we should  feature a car of a similar vintage. (Or should I say veteran?)  

This month’s offering again comes from the webmaster of the Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society, who were asked by the Mayfield Historical Society in East Sussex to identify and date the car.  The occupants are Mr and Mrs Frank Rodgers of Mayfield, but unfortunately no further information is available, and no registration number is visible.

The car is, of course, a Singer from about 1907, so probably similar mechanically to Ian's car, although it is difficult to tell if it is a 7/9 hp or a 12/14 hp.  

I do, however, have this picture of AV 276 from Noel Thomas of St Austell in the book ‘Honest John’s Mystery Motors’ (ISBN 1-84119-430) sent to me by John Taylor, which looks virtually identical to the Rogers’ car, and was identified by Rudi de Groot of Gauteng, South Africa, as a 1908 Singer 7hp.  

In both Chris Hayward’s and my ‘little books’, AF is a Cornish number, and 1908 registrations started at 311, so AF 276 was  registered in 1907.  It may be that Rudi dated the car to 1908 because it has a windscreen, which the 1907 version in Russell Stapleton & Michael Worthington-Williiams’ picture in the Singer Story does not, so could it be that the Rogers’ and AF 276 are 1908 7/9hp models manufactured towards the end of 1907?

Simon’s Snaps No 67 - from Simon Bishop

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