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Donald’s daughter, Gina Moritz, tells us her father bought the car new in early April 1961. The story goes that as he was working one day, a shipment of cars was being driven from the docks in Bermuda to the dealership of Holmes Williams and Purvey Ltd.   As they passed him he swore that right after work he would go and see about owning one of those cars.

 This is ‘BLACK’ - Donald Lindo’s 1961 Mk 1 Singer Vogue in Bermuda

He followed through that afternoon and purchased the Singer for around 975 pounds, but left it at the dealership to get "backup lights" installed.  Apparently the car was in the first shipment to the island - the second shipment came with them already fitted.  He also had the undercarriage sprayed with "red lead" to prevent corrosion.  Thus started the maintenance regime that has never wavered over all the years since.

He picked her up on April 26 1961, and drove his sister to her wedding that afternoon.  The car is still in its original condition. The seats still have

their original red leather upholstery - he fitted white leather covers years ago to preserve them.

He also removed the door panels and replaced them with varnished mahogany ones to preserve them - the originals are still hanging in the garage.  Preserving older things is definitely a passion for him.  The "Black", as she is fondly referred to, is kept in a closed garage, and, even though she only gets "exercised" on the weekends, she is washed and polished once a week.  The original black finish is so shiny that people often stop him to admire it

as he drives around the Island.

You may have noticed the rear wheel arch covers - these were fabricated locally many years ago.  You may also have noticed she has amber front flasher lenses, whereas the UK Mark 1s had white, but they have not been changed - the car came that way.  The car also came without wing mirrors, so these were added, as were the backup lights, as an aid to reversing.

Another interesting tit-bit is that the gentleman who now helps Dad with maintenance and repairs, is one of the original mechanics from Holmes Williams and Purvey when he bought the car.

The car has 86,028 miles on the clock as of today.  She has never had any major repairs - just routine maintenance - and has never let Dad down in all her fifty-one years - he says she even knows her way home!