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An Article from the May - June 2012 Mascot -

ASCO AGM 2012 and the Bristol Classic Car Show -
                                                from the Secretary’s Slot
- by Barry Paine

Once again the choice of venue resulted in a healthy attendance at our AGM, with members of the local Singer group turning out in force.  As well as a nice group of Singers displayed in the classic car parking area, there were three splendid Singers on the stand organised by Robert Lovegrove.  These were the attractive 1928 Singer Junior of Tim York, the 1951 4AB Roadster of Ian Reece - undergoing a ‘running restoration’ - and the lovely 1956 Singer Hunter belonging to our editor Mike Hyman.

I was very pleased that Practical Classics editor Danny Hopkins visited the stand and took particular interest in Mike’s car.  Danny is proposing to feature the Coventry marques in Practical Classics, so I have sent him a club magazine, together with information on Singers, in the hope he will give them a high profile.

The AGM itself was routine, with all committee members re-elected and the club pronounced to be in a healthy financial position by our treasurer John Price.  Reports were received from various club officials, including Roadster Registrar Bill Haverly, who announced that the number of Roadsters in the club now exceeded the ‘magic’ one hundred mark.

It was fortuitous that Martyn Raybould of Footman James was present for the show, and he kindly gave us a brief presentation about his role as liaison officer for the Rootes marques.

Our thanks to the local Singer enthusiasts for helping to make this such a successful occasion, and to Robert and Ann Lovegrove for keeping us topped up with sandwiches for the duration of what was a rather chilly two days manning the Singer stand.

Drive-It-Day.  In addition to the three Singers on the Stand, at least seven others, plus Chris Hayward’s recently acquired Renault, arrived on the South-West Area’s Drive-It-Day scatter rally, and were parked with the hundreds of other classics beside the main hall.

They were, clockwise from the top left: Peter Watts’ 1939 Roadster, now complete with running boards after 41 years, behind which is Alan Hillier’s 1930 Junior, Dixie;  David Keogh’s 1954 4AD Roadster;  John Bramwell’s 1949 Super Twelve;  Nick Warren’s 1960 Ser lllB Gazelle Convertible; Robert Lovegrove’s 1963 Mk ll Vogue Estate;  Chris Hayward’s 1969 Renault 16TS, and Geoff Timmins’ 1963 Ser lllC Gazelle.

Robert Lovegrove, justifiably
           proud of ‘his’ Singer Stand