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 Aunty Says:  The Creative Director of Singer Vehicle Designs is Rob Dickinson, so nothing to do with his name, although their logo (inset) certainly looks like someone’s signature.  I therefore asked Mike to send a message to the company via their website asking where their Singer name originated.   

Tina Chang replied:

Dear Mr Hyman. Thank you for your email.  Please note that Rob came up with our company's name based on his previous career as the singer of the rock band ‘The Catherine Wheel’, as well as the dulcet sounds of vehicles we work with.   

Regards, Tina.

I think that’s rather sweet, don’t you?  Ours are Singers by birth,  Rob’s are Singers by sound - as well as giving a whole new meaning to “Having a Tune-up’!   

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I photographed this impressive looking, turbo-charged Singer racer at the VSCC Event in Curborough on 6 May.  It is owned by Geoff Purnett, and is based on a 1937 Twelve hp 1496 cc engine, which according to the Brief Singer History in the last Mascot, is the same engine as used by HRG in their 1500 cc models. It looks a bit like a plumber’s nightmare to me!


 Singer Racers - by John Taylor

 1 - Seen at VSCC Curborough Event  

Have your Porsche ‘restored and re-imagined’  by Singer Vehicle Designs based in Los Angeles, featuring carbon-fibre panels and a range of engines from a 300 bhp 3.6-litre unit to a 425 bhp, 4-litre - all with an optional six-speed box and brake upgrades.  

Would it then be called a ‘Singer’? - or perhaps a Singer/Porsche? - or even a Posh Singer?  And I wonder where the Singer name for this company originated.

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Another Article from the July - August 2012 Mascot


 2 - Advert Seen in Car & Classic, March 2012