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Sample Article No 2 from the Jan - Feb 2012 MASCOT

 The Man Who Made MG (Part 2) - from Derrick Bedwell

I have now found the other page of the Cecil Kimber article in the May 1988 issue of Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, which was missing when I sent the page for the July 2009 Mascot, with this picture of Kimber with his family with a Singer LM at the Abingdon Trial in 1936.  

It seems Cecil’s liking for Singer cars started several years before WR Morris - the future Lord Nuffield - appointed him sales manager of the Morris Garages in Oxford.

In his early twenties, Kimber was run into by a car at a Cheshire cross-roads, one knee and hip being so badly smashed he limped for the rest of his life.  He was awarded quite substantial damages, and celebrated by buying a brand-new Singer 10 in 1913, for which he somehow acquired the reg no NI 91.

In September 1915 he married Irene (Rene) Hunt, and carried her off in another Singer - this time a modified T-head 14hp raced by a previous owner at Brooklands, and now fitted with a stark, open body from a Hispano-Suiza (and, of course, registered NI 91.)  With the headlamps removed, their two horseshoe mountings were ideal for a wedding car, but otherwise it was totally unsuitable for a touring honeymoon.                                     Derrick.

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