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Sample Article No 1 from the Jan - Feb 2012 MASCOT

This is a subscription card from Edito-Service/Atlas Editions, which meant the cards were never available as a retail set. The only way to acquire them was through subscription with Atlas between 1978 and 1981.  Edito-service would send several new packets of cards each month and you would remit payment to continue your subscription.  The backs of the cards have a story and stats about the subject.  I was fascinated as to what the story on this card might be, so I took the plunge and bought it.   
But two things it doesn’t tell us:  First is where the picture was taken - can anybody tell us? Second is that according to the DVLA records, Reg No CLD 61 is still on the road, its colour is Red, and it is licensed to Aug 2012.  Does anyone know who owns it now?

Total cost of the Card was £4.59, and if CLD 61’s owner would like to send me a cheque for £5.00 payable to ‘BEN, Lynwood’, I will gladly post it to him.           Mike.

1934-36 LM Card from 1978 Auto Rally Cards Set

Bought by Mike Hyman, having been spotted on E-Bay by Alan Hillier

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