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Sample Article No 3 from the Mar - Apr 2012 MASCOT

Hi, Mike. Regarding the article about the Le Mans CLD 61 in the Jan-Feb Mascot, you asked if anyone new who was the current owner.  I’m afraid I don’t know who that is, but CLD 61 was previously owned by my old mate Gil Duckworth, who lived just outside Mold in North Wales.  Sadly, Gil passed away last year, but he had used his Singer and attended rallies in the area over the last 20 years.

Gil worked abroad, and always looked forward to coming home and getting his Singer and bikes out on the road.  He was very proud of his Singer as it had lots of trials history.  I tried quite a few times over the years to buy the car, but there was no chance at all.


Gil’s son put CLD 61 up for auction at H&H Buxton in July last year.  It did not make the reserve and went back to N Wales, but I believe it now has a new owner - lucky chap!    

I am enclosing the relevant pages from the H&H catalogue.  This tells us the car was purchased new by Mr J R Edwinter in order to contest the 1936 rally season, in which he was apparently quite successful, winning at least seven awards.  On 8th Aug 1938 the car was bought from Sandford’s Garage in Leatherhead  by Victor Lintott, who was granted petrol to use in his role as a Flying Officer in Bomber Command.  It seems Mr Lintott retired to the Isle of Man, and the Singer was apparently discovered behind an array of boxes, bags and timber when his

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house and all the contents were bought by a Mr Corcocan in 1988.  It was from this gentleman that Gil Duckworth acquired CLD 61 whilst visiting the Manx Grand Prix the same year.

I think the picture on your card was taken during the Hastings Speed Trials in the late 1930s.

 Best wishes,   Bob.

Singer Le Mans CLD 61 - from Bob Francis