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Another Article from the Nov - Dec 2011 issue of MASCOT

There is a Singer Close by  - from John Taylor

As I was looking through my A-Z of Coventry, I came across a ‘SINGER CLOSE’.  Intrigued, I visited ‘the Close’ with George, my 10/26, and Richard Hoare, who took the picture, and spoke to three of the residents.

I asked the first couple: “Is your Cul de Sac named after George Singer?”  “Don’t think so,” came the reply, “it was something to do with the original Coventry City Football Club, ‘The Singers’, I think.”  

“Many thanks,” said I.

A few minutes later a lovely lady, Edna Westcott, who was dressed in a pinafore and full set of hair curlers, accosted me with the question: “Why are you taking photos?”  I assured her there was nothing to worry about and that if she would hang on for a minute I would explain.  Edna continued to flick her pinafore in a nervous and impatient manner, waiting for her minute to end.

I then asked her the same question about the name of her Cul de Sac, to which she replied: “It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? - It’s named after the famous Singer cars made in Coventry.”  “Alleluia!!” I replied.

So we now know of three roads in Coventry named after our favourite marque - Singer Close, which is in the Foleshill area off the B4109 Bell Green Road; Gazelle Close and Vogue Close, which are on the site of the old Singer works in Canterbury Street, now part of Coventry University’s new student accommodation, Singer Hall.  

I wonder if there are any more?                                                                                      John.

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