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Another Article from the Sept - Oct 2011 Mascot

 The George Singer Bench - from Barry Paine

It has always seemed to me that whilst figures such as William Morris and Herbert Austin will remain in the public imagination, the memory of George Singer is in danger of being lost in the fog of history. This has, however, been kept alive by a relatively small group of Singer enthusiasts, together with Richard Hoare, ex-head of English at Coundon Court

School, formerly George Singer’s rather palatial family home.

It was inevitably a small group that gathered in London Road Cemetery on Friday 19th August to ‘unveil’ a new bench near the Singer family grave. The group comprised John Taylor, Richard Hoare, Arthur Michell (Chairman of the Singer Owners’ Club) and myself. A party representing the Friends of London Road Cemetery was also present, and Steve Bagley from the Coventry Motor  Museum was a very welcome guest.  


Three Singer cars, see above, were brought into the cemetery for the ‘unveiling’:-  

John Taylor’s 1927 10/26, representing the vintage years; Arthur Michell’s 1936 Nine Sports -  the Singer sporting tradition of the nineteen thirties; and my 1960 Gazelle convertible - the Rootes era.  It has to be kept in mind of course, that George Singer presided largely over a cycle manufacturing empire, and that cars were constructed only in the last few years of his life, from 1905 to 1909.  He never-the-less laid the foundations of the marque that lived on until 1970.

We are pleased to record that this important occasion was supported by both UK Singer clubs, and we are grateful to John Taylor for co-ordinating the work to help bring the project to a successful conclusion.

John: Richard; Arthur; Barry

George’s Bench - seen from his grave

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