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An Article from the September - October 2011 Mascot

 Prescott ‘Speed’ Festival for Pre-War Cars - from John Taylor

The Festival was a day to celebrate the cars that survived the 2nd World War, and on July 16th about eighty cars went up the famous hill, including two Singers - George, my 1926 10-26, with Keith Parkes as co-driver, and Kirsty Bowie’s 1933 Sports Coupé.

Wet tyres were the order of the day.  In fact, everything wet was the order of the day!

However, it did cheer up later in the afternoon.

Any pre-war car could enter and go up the hill as many times as you liked - no ‘red tape’, and at a relatively low cost - fantastic!

Keith and myself challenged ‘the hill’ three times, and made ‘FTD’ (Fastest Time of the Day’) for a vintage Singer.  

Also, I had the pleasure of being a passenger in a ‘WO’ Bentley, owned by Hamish Bowie, Kirsty’s father.  Kirsty is the proud new owner of ANO 667, a fantastic looking Coupé that ran out of  

petrol on the start line! However, car and driver took ‘FTD’ for Coupés - eventually.

Driving up the hill and returning to the paddock is a superb experience that should be enjoyed by all enthusiasts.  Apart from ‘Signing On’ and a Drivers’ Briefing, the Festival was informal and very friendly.  

I am informed that events on the Sunday, including prize giving, bar-b-que and Lancaster flyover,  were equally enjoyable. Hopefully this superb new event will not clash with the SNCR next year.         John.

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John and Keith
take Shelter

George on the Start Line

Kirsty and her Coupé