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Yet another Article from the July - August 2011 issue of MASCOT

Fiona Chooses the Family Singer Sports for Her Big Day - from
                                                            Chris Sharman in Chelmsford, by e-mail, 20 June  2011

Dear Mike.  Attached are a couple of photos of my 1936 Singer Sports Four Seater used as the bride & groom wedding car last month. The happy couple are my daughter Fiona and her husband Richard. I was surprised but really pleased when Fiona asked to use my Singer for her wedding, but she reminded me that the car has been in our household for as long as she can recall. The Singer with bride and groom attracted tremendous attention from pedestrians and passing vehicles, and the journey from church to reception venue was a trip to remember. Just shows how versatile a Singer Sports car can be.
                                                                                                                  Kind regards,  

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