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Another Article from the July - August 2011 issue of MASCOT

  Out and About with Monty - from Mike Hyman

1 - Cheddar.  I took Monty, my 1954 SM 1500, to Shepton Mallet for the ’Drive-it Day’ display and AGM at the Bristol Classic Car Show, but on the way down I had a little time to spare, so made a short detour to the Cheddar Gorge.  The last time I was there was over 60 years ago with my parents.  It was a considerably steeper descent than I remembered, and I wondered how Monty would cope with the return trip. I needn’t have worried - he sailed up quite easily, with no signs of overheating.  It was my arms that were most relieved when we got to the top - how they must have wished Monty had power steering!

2  - Beale Park Boat Show (Pangbourne).  A very pleasant run, including a short stretch alongside the

Thames on the A340, got us to the Park, where David and Caroline Garn in their Bantam, and Michael Gardner in his 1933 Nine Sports, were already there to greet us.  The sun was shining, the band was playing, and the lake was busy with boats of all sorts, including a 1898 steam launch, the Consuta, which gave us a free ride twice around the lake.  We also had a free, 20 minute cruise on the river aboard the Devon Belle, which proudly carried a plaque showing that it was one of the ‘small boats’ at Dunkirk in 1940. The Royal

British Legion were there celebrating their 90th anniversary, and there were also three Chelsea Pensioners on board - we wondered whether any of them had been at Dunkirk.  The arena programme included the Goring and Streatley Concert Band, Morris dancers, the Atmosphere Steel Band, Opera on the Lake and Irish dance, and as well as the Classic Cars, the displays included a replica Spitfire and Hurricane and the Swallows and Amazons dinghy - all the ingredients for an enjoyable day by - and on - the river.

3  - Windsor.   For the May Finchamsted Noggins, John Payne had organised a run from the car park at Runny-mead, through the scenic Berkshire countryside to the White Hart at Maidenhead, where we

enjoyed a very pleasant meal. There were eventually seven Singers parked up at the pub - David Garn and his Bantam arrived after I had taken this picture.  

The route had taken us alongside the Thames and through the Great Park to Windsor, where we braved the strange one-way system-

cum-bus lane to go past the castle.  John and Anne, in their beautiful B37 Sports, had the same idea, and although the place was bristling with police further up the hill, we took the opportunity for a quick photo shoot in the evening sunshine.

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