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An Article from the July - August 2011 issue of MASCOT

 More Fashions for Singer Ladies - from 1934/35 Popular Motoring Magazines                                                                                kindly sent from California by Tony Raynor.

With holidays high on the menu, fashionister Vera Webster asks: “Do you like this jolly little tailored sports’ production from Marshall & Snelgrove’s,  - and called “Sugar Stick”?  You would if you saw it on; it is remarkably smart with its multi-coloured stripes, buttons to tone and attractive jabot.

Vera also particularly admired the charming little satin blouse on the right, from the same firm, and she thought it might appeal to

you to include in the suit-case.  It is quite lovely in oyster and pink, although other colours are available.  Ivory and beige are always safe as they “go” so easily with everything.   The “V” neck is most attractive and

is hand-worked very handsomely;  it looks so well when the coat is worn open, and it is also a suitable blouse for quiet dinner wear.

By the time the first October leaf has fallen there will be almost as many new fashion ideas as new cars at the Motor Show, writes Muriel Cox.  Every woman has spent an hour or two trying on her last winter’s clothes and a moment or two conquering her first depression at the sight of them.  Fur is  becoming after all; big winter coats cover a multitude of figure

sins; and perhaps with the addition of a new garment or two …

Cutting a coat according to its cloth will be a very gay affair this winter. Even the conservative family of tweeds has been borrowing from the rainbow.  Little flecks of rich jewel colour - glowing sapphire, burning ruby and emerald - appear in the most homespun, rugged-looking tweed settings, and the checks and plaids are more dazzling than ever.

The evening story is an Arabian Night’s entertainment of sumptuousness.  Velvet everywhere in wonderful varieties, sometimes shot with another colour or

embroidered with gold; crisp, rustling taffetas and failles that are sure of being both seen and heard.  Evening skirts are slit, too, sometimes almost to the knee.  Is this a forerunner of their shortening?


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Sugar Stick

Smart Satin Blouse

Fur is becoming -  from the Cover of the
Dec 1935 Special Christmas number

Velvet Evening Wear

Colourful Flecked Tweed