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Yet Another Article from the May - June 2011 MASCOT

 Singer Cooling System - Pump v Fan - from Will van Gemert in Holland  


After reading several articles on whether or not to put an electric water pump into the thermo-syphon system of a Singer, I found I had to share some of our experience with the thermo-syphon system.  As some (or perhaps most)of you will know, in 2007 we drove our Singer Nine

Le Mans  the 7,900 odd miles from Peking back to Paris. In doing that we crossed the Gobi Desert, with daytime temperatures well above 40C while pushing the  engine  to its limits.

For all of you who are still driving around with the original thermo-syphon system, I have the reassuring news that we still had the original thermo-syphon system without any water pump installed and never suffered any problems related to overheating! The car always ran at optimal temperatures. So I think it is fair to conclude that the thermo-syphon system is more than good enough for normal day driving.

Sand, Glorious Sand …

What we did install was an electric cooling fan, which we did for three reasons,

1 - To reduce the strain on the bearing that holds the distributor and dynamo drive shaft.

2 - Without the original fan installed we could blank off the fan drive shaft, thereby

preventing sand and other debris being drawn into the engine at this point (we set off with sandstorms in mind).

3 - To have more airflow over the radiator while driving slowly in low gear with full throttle through the desert.

I am very curious why Terence (in the article on p31 of the last Mascot) was advised not to put the fan directly to the radiator core. We did bolt the fan directly to the radiator and ensured a good seal between fan housing and radiator housing. The most important reason for this is that if there is even the slightest gap between

the fan housing and the radiator core the amount of air sucked through the radiator core will greatly reduce. To make my point, try to suck out the flame of a candle.

For those who want to make technical improvements to the Singer engine the only things I would advise are mounting an external oil filter and fitting a good magnetic sump plug.

Above & Below:  In the Gobi Desert

Right: Well it wouldn’t be a desert without the odd camel, would it?