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Cutting the Teeth

I got the call from John Price at about 3pm yesterday - “I’m about to cut my first tooth - if you want to see it you’d better come quickly.”  Not wanting to miss a second of this momentous event, I dashed up to Shrublands, camera at the ready.

Too late - he’d already cut five, and pretty pleased with them he looked too.  And rightly so.

The problem was he had lost about twenty teeth from the fibre timing gear of his 1924 Ten engine, and not a single spare gear could be found.  

  John Cuts His First Tooth at 72 - from Mike Hyman

Undeterred, John decided he would make one himself, and  delved into the world of Pitch Circle Diameters, Involute Curves and Gear Cutters.  He found a source of the material, Tufnell, in Guildford, from which he machined a blank.  This was mounted on the hub of the original gear and set up on the bed of his milling machine - a very shrewd investment made for his retirement, which was about to yield a handsome dividend.

After an initial problem with the indexing, John has now produced a brand new Timing Gear, and is looking forward to getting his ‘Ten’ back on the road.

Super job, John, and if you’ll forgive the pun - Priceless!   


Looking Good …

The Damaged Gear

The Finished Gear


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