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An Article from the May - June 2011 issue of MASCOT

Fashions for Singer Ladies - from 1934/35 Popular Motoring Magazines -

         kindly sent by Tony Raynor

It would appear that the golden rule for ladies taking their Singer to the beach is for their swim-suits to match the colour of the car.  As to what else to include in your holiday luggage, Vera Webster has chosen some of the smarter outfits for you to take away with you:

The ‘Stresa’, a simple little frock which you may see at Marshall & Snellgrove’s in various colours - ‘Marina’ green for one, also yellow, pink and blue.  At the same shop is also to be seen the excellently tailored cardigan suit in honeycomb wool

- very attractive with its contrasting buttons and spotted silk scarf, with its ends peeping out in front as you can see.  And still another for the hot days, of uncrushable washing material.  This latter is a very smart little suit made in pleasing grey, peach or pink, and the great advantage is that, laundering excellently, it can always look fresh and attractive as new, which is the chief necessity of summer frocks.

For the moors and colder days, one of the most useful ensembles is the Shetland tweed outfit below. Being soft and pliable one can wear it with a cape and not feel it cumbersome, neither is it bulky or heavy. The Tweed coat can be worn the whole year round - the shade is natural white

with a design of herring-bone in richest brown.

And if your holiday has a nautical theme, the Shetland jumper and linen skirt should set the tone nicely.

And the final rule - you must not be hatless - because definitely they are worn this season, and the new soft  felts lend themselves to very graceful shaping, and the brims are turned and twisted to prove becoming to every type of face.       Aunty.

L to R: The “Stresa” Sports Day Frock;

A Cardigan Suit in honeycomb wool;

An uncrushable washing suit.

Beach Beauties on the Cover of the July 1935 Issue

For the Moors and Colder Days - L to R:  A handsome Shetland Tweed ensemble; A delightful tweed coat;

A Shetland jumper and linen skirt