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This is Mike & Mary Lyne’s 1935 Nine IFS Saloon, which they bought in 2007 from Graham & Bowness’ Garage in Carlisle, who, in 1935, had supplied it to it’s one and only previous owner. The car had never been restored, and had done only 28,000 miles when Mike took delivery.

The garage had apparently ‘acquired’ the car in 1964 when they bought a piece of ground next to their business, the car being found under wraps in a shed on the land.  Mike was told that, having been given a supply of fresh petrol and a new battery, it had started first time - no surprise there, then! The garage had displayed the car in their showroom and at local shows, and only decided to sell it because their foreman, Brian, who was responsible for looking after the car, was retiring.

Since buying the car, Mike has replaced some woodwork that was affected by woodworm, and has had the rear halfshaft seals and a wheel bearing replaced, and new brake wheel cylinders fitted.  The latter has made driving the car much more enjoyable, and the ‘free wheel mode’ is now a delightful and relaxing  experience.