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This is Mike Gardner’s 1933 Nine Sports.  Mike was given the car in 1975 by his ex-boss at Austin-Rover, who wanted to dispose of it.  Not only was he given the car, it was transported to his house on the works Land-Rover and trailer.  The picture below shows the car on Mike’s driveway as delivered.  It was then that Mike realised the registration number was MG 2207, which is not only original, but a personalised plate with his initials.

The B & W picture is of the car in its glory days on the 1933 London - Edinburgh Trial - (somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales?)  with its Rally No 241 as detailed in the programme.  

The Autograph on the bottom of the picture if that of Stirling Moss.

Mike also has copies of he original programmes for the June 1933 Brighton to Beer Trial;  the October 1933 Buxton Trial; the December 1933 London to Gloucester Trial and the December 1933 London to Exeter Trial, but has no history of the car between 1934 and 1975.