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Sample Article No 3 from the Jan - Feb 2011 MASCOT

Southern Central Area & New Forest Group

                             2010 Christmas Dinner                 - from Brian Riches.

Can it really be 12 months ago that we held our last Christmas “do”?  That definitely proves I’m getting older!    Like last year, we chose our “Noggin & Natter” venue, the Sir Walter Tyrell, and our Hon President ably arranged the event for the evening of 8th December.  Thirteen of us sat down to enjoy a varied menu, beautifully prepared.  As always, excellent company, and a good time was had by all.

For anyone visiting this area, the Sir Walter Tyrell comes highly recommended.  Really good food and John will vouch for the quality of the beer!  A little off the beaten track, about half a mile from the A31 at Brook, close to the Rufus Stone. Just follow the signpost to the Stone, but continue past the car park, and you’ll see it on the right hand side.  (For more information, see

For those who don’t know and are wondering, this establishment is named after the guy who allegedly shot William Rufus, better known as King William ll, late in the afternoon of August 2nd, 1100, whilst out hunting in the New Forest. (How do they know that?!)  Sir Walter was, apparently, William’s good friend and best marksman!  However, after the accident, he didn’t hang about, and smartly nipped off to France!  It was left to a Charcoal burner by the name of Purkiss to find the body, and he took it to Winchester on his cart.                 Brian.

And 13 stood up for the Group photo - left to right :-  John Horne; new members Marilyn & Rory Angus; Sue & Pete Harris; Joyce & Ray Harris; Monica & John Bramwell; Bob Rees; Brian Riches; Betty Rees; Malcolm Norman.                         

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