Parts Join/Renew Mail Us Home Officials Events Gallery Page 1 Magazine Links Regalia 1.  My 1930 Junior, Victor, takes the bridesmaids and the bride’s Mum to the church in Frimley Green .... To Go To Another Article,  CLICK HERE

2.  With front passenger seat removed, John’s daughter Rachel sits in the back whilst John drives her to the church in his 1937 Works Team Car  ....

A Double Singer Wedding - from Mike Hyman

3. The ceremony over, Victor takes Rachel and groom Paul to the reception, where they arrive looking very happy, and non-the-worse for their 15 mile ride to Yateley ...

4. They make a lovely couple, and were clearly loved by all the guests, who seemed to rather like the old cars as well.


Sample Article No 1 from the Jan - Feb 2011 MASCOT