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Tony Raynor in California kindly sent me a photocopy of Popular Motoring - the ‘In-House’ magazine published monthly by Singer &Co Ltd, for which I am very grateful.                  Ed.

Popular Motoring Post Bag - October 1934.                       (Thanks to Tony Raynor)

Reminiscences of Brooklands, 1912.          OSTERLEY, MIDDLESEX.

I was very interested to see a photograph of the 1912 record-breaking 3½-h.p. Singer motor-cycle published in your August issue.  Without doubt the rider standing alongside is Mr. G. E. Stanley, who had a remarkable series of successes about that time.

There were, however, other Singer bikes careering around the track at the same period.  Mr. W. A. Jacobs won the Singer Motor-Cycle Sprint race on 15th June 1912, the writer coming in second, silver cups being presented.

I enclose a photo of the machine I used to ride - very different from the modern mounts, surely?  These machines were the 2½-h.p. models, but even in those days would frequently touch 70 m.p.h. (so long as

the belt did not come off!).  I have owned three Singer cars, and found them very reliable.  Mr. Jacobs has just purchased a Singer Sports Saloon, so it’s a case of “back to the old love again.”          
                                                                                                           J.P. LE GRAND, AMICE., FGS.

Sample Article No 2 from the March- April 2011 MASCOT

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Sample Article No 2b - From the Oct 1934 ‘Popular Motoring’-
Pictures of the 1935 Models featured on the Singer Stand at Olympia

Sample Article No 2a - From the Oct 1934 ‘Popular Motoring’-

Above and Below Right - The 9 IFS Saloon, with Luggage accommodation that does  not interfere with the lines of the car.



11th to 20th october 1934

Above - 2 Ltr Sports Coupé.                 Below Right- Airstream

                  Right - layout of the Independent Front Suspension.