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On Our Rear Cover - Top Picture.

Frits & Dicky van’t Spijker, of the Dutch SOC, were very disappointed with the results produced by the Dutch Klassiek & Techniek magazine from the copy they sent for an article on the Lustrum Rally.

On the Rear Cover of the September - October Mascot

Butterflies from Studley Grange

Ms Fanteasy at 1940s Goodwood

Andrea & Federico Renaldini
       from  Brescia, Italy, in Monty.

Seen on E-Bay - Taylor & Barratt Singer Airstream Lead Models, Circa 1937
- from Nick Warren

and Repainted.
No Box.  Sold for £65.

Complete and
Original, not repainted.
No Box.  Sold for £186.88

Knowing that the editors do not like long  stories, but do appreciate technical information, the information given was therefore very concise, concentrating on international participation - the English visitors coming ”driving-all-the way”. The - the French bringing 10% of their Singer stock - and the many young enthusiasts attending.

Also additional historical and cultural information such as the Battle of Arnhem and Kröller-Müller museums.
Plus, separately, special information, with detailed photographs of the 12/14 HP - the brass pump with plunger, the engine, etc. And all this with more than 20 photographs to choose from! NB - Dicky is the lady looking at AT 1907.

Frits on the Lustrum in his Roadster

Centre Pictures - Two amazing Taylor & Barrett lead models of the Singer Airstream from around 1937, spotted on E-Bay by Nick Warren - anyone ever seen or heard of these before? As the blurb said, they are nice models, but possibly they are somewhat earlier than 1937,  and made

from early design sketches, otherwise one might have expected to see a more correct shape at the top of the rad grille, and at least an outline of the sun-roof. The models also have a lot of louvres on the bonnet which are not on the real thing, but can be seen on some ‘aerodynamic’ sketches.

However, one of the most interesting things to emerge is that the original, unrestored model fetched almost three times as much as the ‘nicely restored and repainted’ one!  There must be a moral in there somewhere!

Bottom Centre Picture - Monty Goes to Vintage Goodwood - Aug 12 - 15.

This was a themed weekend of music, Fashion and shopping, with about 100 cars from the 1940s to


the 1980s ‘decorating‘ the scene. The bait to lure owners to loan their cars for the weekend was 2 x weekend tickets (£135 each!) + free camping. Not my style, but my son Jeremy, and his son James, both like this sort of music, and Monty was considered ideal to grace the 1940 Portal, the Torch Club, so off they went, Monty fully laden with camping gear etc. A great time was enjoyed by all, including Ms Fanteasy, a 1940s style model in her red polka-dot dress and stocking-tops!

Bottom Right Picture - Monty’s back seat does seem to have a certain attraction - both Andrea and Federico agreed it was ‘very comfortable’.