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On the Cover of our September - October 2010 Issue

We’ll call this the 50p view of the SNCR, as it shows only about half the Pound at Lacock, where 28 Singers gathered for our Annual Rally. It was taken from a vantage point by the toilets, which may explain why we had so many members of the public visiting the field and enjoying the cars with us! Together with the panorama opposite it gives a good impression of the outstanding variety of vehicles on display. What a treat to see, in addition to the cars we consider ‘normal’ articipants, a 1912 Singer Motorcycle and sidecar, an ‘As-U-Drive’ Senior, a Super 12 Saloon, a Singer-engined HRG and an SMX Roadster - all in the same field!

Also, there was an amazing selection of superb Vogues and Gazelles - we tend to forget that most of these are now at least 50 years old - what a credit to their owners!

And as a bonus, there were two cars, one 59 years old, the other 77, that had been driven a total of some 1400 miles from Italy and Holland to be with us - fantastic!

SNCR Overview - In the foreground the two superb Vogues of Peter Houghton and Brian Riches, and the immaculate 1.5 Lt Sports driven from Holland by Rudi Arends..

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