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This is Terence Bickford’s 1937 Le Mans Sports 4-Seater

Terence bought EZ 7476 in 1955 for £115, using funds saved from part-time teaching at Rutherford College of Technology on Saturday mornings, followed by selling ice-creams at Newcastle football ground in the afternoons!  He used it to travel regularly from King’sCollege at Durham University down to the Royal Dockyard at Devonport during breaks in the college year in order to complete his Dockyard apprenticeship.

The main problem he had was that No 2 exhaust valve was prone to sticking open, so he carried a tin of Red-Ex behind the back seat.  In case that didn’t work he had a hand vice he had puchased as an apprentice, which he is still using, and having lifted the valve cover and tappets, a strong grip on the vice and a quick pull and the valve was back on its seat.  “It didn’t take very long”  Terence says, “but you couldn’t do that on a modern car!”

55 years on and still going strong!