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A Sample Article from the November - December 2010 Mascot

 THE AUTOMOBILE, JANUARY 1994   Photo discoveries
- sent in by John Taylor

John Shakespeare of Skipton, North Yorkshire, discovered this picture of a used car business in Grays, Essex.  In 1939, his father, Len, was negotiating its purchase for £50, when it was unfortunately destroyed by a bomb!

The original article John sent was on the other side of the page - it was a photo of a 1936 LM BXW 471 and appeared in the March-April 2010 Mascot.

I was about to tidy the page away when I noticed that the 3rd car from the left, APL 619, is, I believe, a 1934-5 LM, complete with bonnet strap.  

APL 619 does not appear in either the RAC or DVLA records - not surprising, as it was presumably blown up with the rest of the business.                                                                                  Ed.

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