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Another Article from the Nov - Dec 2010 Mascot

My 1936 Bantam Project - from Kieran Devlin.

The year was 1989 and my second beautiful daughter was just born, a joyful yet demanding time and certainly not the time to think about a pre war car, but like all things, the temptation was too great, so three weeks later HMN 394 also came into our lives.

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While she has had numerous coats of paint (applied by brush) she has never been welded,

Very little history is known about her other than she was first registered in 1936 with the number JB 8142.   In 1947 she reappeared in the Isle of Man and was subsequently re-registered due to the IOM having its own licensing system. Two owners appear on the log book, the last date stamped on the tax book is Sept 1972 with what appears to be an annual duty of 50 pence?

nor does she need any. She is structurally perfect together with original interior, although somewhat dried out. She still bears the Singer agent’s sales plate attached to the interior, “The Royal Berks Motor Co”.  

Life inevitably intervened, and her restoration was repeatedly put off as family commitments took priority. Regrettably, I never got to give her the care and attention she deserved, however the previously mentioned second daughter, now age 20, is a Mechanical engineering student with a passion for old car’s and wants to restore her when she qualifies.

I have no regrets buying her; in fact she has helped me

develop an affection for all Singer cars regardless of age, model or pedigree and I have to commend all those who strive to help keep the Singer mark alive.