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On Our Front Cover

Parked in the majestic greenery of the Hotel De Wagenigse Berg’s car park whilst on the Dutch Singer Owners’ Lustrum Rally, is Ian North’s 1907 12-14 HP Singer - the oldest known Singer in the world still on the road. To see AT 1907 on the road in Holland must have been a special treat for the Dutch Singer owners.

Seated at the controls is John Taylor, who had driven his 1926 10/26 all the way from Kenilworth, but who would already appear to have jilted his girl friend from the last Mascot, where he was seen casting covetous eyes over Simon Bishop’s newly restored 1929 Senior As-U-Dryv, which Simon had also driven to Holland from Lingfield - major achievements that will take some beating.  But to be fair to John, is it possible that the little fleck of green in his eye is a reflection from the trees?

Mascot - July - August 2010

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