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And yet another Article from the July - August Mascot !

SM 1500 Spares Delivery - A Record Never Likely to be Broken -                                                                                                                from Derrick Bedwell

The Record is for the Fastest Spares Delivery Service ever over the Greatest Distance, and involved the delivery of an SM 1500 Stub Axle from London to Delhi.

Air India was one of the Customer Airlines I covered as a Rolls Royce Engineer, as they operated RR Conway powered Boeing 707s.  I used to visit their manager at London Heathrow once or twice a week for a talk and tea. He knew my affinity to cars and on one occasion asked if I could help.  Well certainly I would if I could - what was the problem?  Apparently a Doctor friend in Delhi had broken a stub axle on his only means of transport, and although it had been welded it had broken again.  Oh dear!   What make of car was it and which side stub had broken?  I was informed that the doctor had an SM 1500 and it was the OS stub axle that was broken.

Well, my SM1500 was parked outside, and by an amazing co-incidence, the only spare I was carrying that day was an OS Stub Axle for an SM 1500!!

The result was that within only 36 hours of the request for help, the doctor in Delhi was absolutely amazed to have received delivery of a brand new SM 1500 OS Stub Axle, for which he was very grateful.   


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