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Another Article from the July - August Mascot

What a Star(ter) - After 40 Years! - from Tony Raynor in California

There was a good spark, so with me pulling the choke, hitting the starter button and tickling the accelerator pedal, whilst Greg was squirting Startex into the twin Solex, the old girl fired up for the first time in almost forty years!  

She ran with 35 psi, no knocks or bad noises, and no black smoke - quite a great day!

I now wonder if I might be the only person in the world to have two Singer Coupés?


Adding to my 1937 9hp Sports Coupé VJ 9999, and 1936 9hp Le Mans CBH 594, my friend James Wexman and I have now become partners in yet another Singer 9hp Coupé, BLD 569, which had previously belonged to Don Wasserman.  The car had been in a lock-up garage in San Francisco for around 40 years!

I recently took the car in its ‘as found’ condition to a British Car Show at

Woodley Park. At the show, another friend, Greg Cole, thought it might be fun to try and start the old car, so we took the plugs out and cleaned them, put it in gear and rocked it, to discover the engine was free.  A look at the dipstick told us it was full of black oil, so we cleaned the CB points, fitted a good battery, turned the engine over until oil pressure had built up and refitted the plugs.

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