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Another Article from the May - Jun 2010 Mascot

I tried in vain to sell my 1956 Hunter saloon, but the amount of work needed around the rear end seemed to put people off.  The rest of the car was in pretty good condition,  as I

My Hunter Pick-Up - from Harry Little

had already done all the necessary mechanical work, including overhauling the engine.  So, rather than see it fade away, I decided to convert it into a pick-up.

It has been a long haul since I acquired SAO 715 some twenty years ago, and although I don’t expect it will be everybody’s cup of tea, I am very pleased with the result, particularly as  I  was  able  to retain  all  the main  Hunter

features, including the rear window, the new rear wings I bought for the saloon and even the rear number plate.  At least it is now MoT’d and back on the road, and I have a sound classic vehicle with, as you can see, loads of very useful carrying space.


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