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On the Cover of the March 2010 Mascot

This is Alyson Cheetham's Gazelle Series lll. And yes, this is the original colour, which is called 'Cloud Rose', with a Foam White flash. Unfortunately we have lost touch with Alyson since this picture was taken at the ASCO National Rally (SNCR) held at Newby Hall, Ripon, in July 2002, where her car was a joint winner of the Gazelle Trophy. Does anyone know where Alyson and the car are now?
1089 HP is also the original number, but since 1977 the car has had 3 others, one of which was someone's personal plate.  Fortunately, when this was taken off to sell the car, DVLA reissued the original "age-related" number.
The colour raised so many comments that Alyson had a pink sheet which she put in the car window. This politely (?) pointed out that this was the original colour, and finished on the lines that, if they still didn't believe it, they were welcome to crawl underneath the car and inspect her bottom, which is exactly the same shade of pink.

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