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Dear John.  The name Grose is one of the oldest and most well respected in the motor industry, dating back to 1888, when Joseph Grose established a world-famous firm that specialised in high quality coach work.  In the early years a true milestone was achieved when Grose invented the first non-skid tyre, created by riveting steel studs into a leather case to produce vastly improved grip on road surfaces. The next development in the company saw the move into custom built bodies for various types of vehicle from two seater

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sports cars to large saloons and box vans. Whatever the customer’s needs, a body was tailor made for that particular purpose. Before long, Grose was known up and down the country as one of the leading names in the automotive industry.  It is also recorded in the Northampton annals that, in 1898, local motor car pioneer Joseph Grose incurred the first speeding fine, of £1, for travelling at 15-16 mph.  His firm, now W Grose, is the main Vauxhall dealer in Northampton.

The book ‘Joseph Grose and the Motor Car: A True Pioneer’ by Alan Burman (ISBN: 9781860770906) provides a detailed account of this one man's contribution to the pioneer world of the automobile.

The ‘End-to-End’ run from John O’Groats

to Land’s End was quite popular before 1911, and Ivan Hart-Davies made several successful attempts on the record from 1909 to 1911, riding Triumph motorcycles. The very last record was made by him when he took a 1911 Triumph 3½ hp over the route in 29 hours 12 minutes. The RAC then decided  these feats were becoming dangerous to the public, and declared that they would not recognise any further attempts to bring down the record.  His 1913 attempt would therefore appear to have been ‘unofficial’.  I haven’t managed to find any more details of Joseph’s supporting róle.                                                  Best wishes, Aunty.

Sample Article No 1 from the March - April 2011 MASCOT

Hart-Davies about to set off from John O’Groats on his Triumph 3½ hp in 1910