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Page updated on 9 October 2018

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE - From the Webmaster

TO ALL ADVERTISERS - We have been informed of a SCAM whereby an advertiser receives an e-mail reply from someone saying he has the exact item you want, and telling you to send the money to his bank, on receipt of which he will despatch the items. You are strongly advised not to send any money.  If you do so, it will most likely the last you will hear from him or her, and almost certainly the last time you will see your money.

For E-Mail Contact, please use the link where underlined, or to type in the address, remove the spaces before and after the @. This is to try and reduce SPAM

For 10/26 - Pair of Rotax Headlights. Car Currently under restoration, so any reasonable condition  considered.  If you can help please ring Rob Roan on 07802 452795, or e-mail


For 1934 Le Mans - Engine backplate, also the triangular distributor housing with distributor drive gear and take off for the rev-counter cable. If you can help, please contact juergenrehnelt @

Rotax AT131/2 6-Volt Dynamo for Singer Junior 1930. Has three bolt mounting flange and  three brushes. Please phone Brighton 01273 702325 or e-mail:                  

Rear bumper for Roadster 4AB - early flat-bladed type. Preferably in reasonable and usable condition, but don't mind if needs rechrome as long as not damaged. Also, support brackets.   Contact John Hadfield at:

For Roadster 4AB/C/D - Jack (A tall screw jack like Morris 1000’s).  Please contact Bob Andrew (evenings) on 01424 892060 or Mob 07799 657158

For 1946 Singer Super Ten Lucas CC1 trafficator switch & horn push.  Please e-mail: johnselby147 @, or call John on 07800793153.   

For 1930 Junior - Radiator Filler Cap, Also Starter switch. These items are needed by member Bill Frederick in the USA, so if you can help with any of them, please e-mail: williaml992 @

For 1963 Gazelle V - Steering Wheel Centre - Please contact Roland Foster on 01959 562083

For 1933 Nine Sports - 2 (or 3) Outer Laced Wheels in good condition  I have 2 x 18” Centre Laced wheels for exchange if preferred. Please contact Brian Arnall on 01507- 450795 , or e-mail: bricas.arnall @

For Roadster 4AD - 1500cc engine block.   Will collect.   Please call 07970 403343 or  e-mail  nigel.foster @

For 1966 Gazelle - Pair of Headlamp shrouds - please contact Robert Slack on 01246851888,
or E-Mail: slack-r @

Steering drag link (or track rod to cut down) for 1935 Le Mans 4-seater (longtail). Also a pair of front brake backing plates with good adjusters (brake shoe pivot posts at bottom of plates).  Please e-mail me at: eugene.abbondelo @

For 1966 Vogue Mk 4, a pair of “1725” Wing Badges.  Please e-mail Mal Parker in New Zealand on

For MK4 Vogue, Front and Rear bumper bars - any condition providing they are straight.
If anybody is able to help, please contact Jim on 01708-250663, or  e-mail: jennycurtis1  @

Rootes Singer - Any model considered, but needs to be in good running order, preferably with recent MOT and not requiring very much more than a bit of TLC.  Even better if its not too far from Colin Pritchard in Bradmore, Wolverhampton.  Please ring Colin on 01902 331557 if you can help.

For 1935 Singer Le Mans Coupé, Clutch Operating Shaft (pivots in Bell Housing) with Lever to Pedal Linkage at one end and Retaining Ring with Grub-screw at the other.  If you can help, please e-mail:  aaraynor @

For 1949 Roadster 4A - Windscreen Frame and Seat Runners.  If you can help, please e-mail: james.withnell @, or call James on 01257 415508.

For 1939 Singer 9 - Petrol Tank Sender Unit.    If you can help please call Russ on  
01995 61012, or e-mail

For Vogue Mk V (Arrow) - R/H/R Corner Trim.

If you can help please contact Bob Smith either by e-mail at, or call 07752 068825


Sought - Early Singer Vogue Estate for a growing family.  Must be in
roadworthy condition and at least a ‘rolling restoration’.  Cash waiting for the right car.

Please contact Alex MacColl on 07711 517896

Radiator Surround wanted for 1930 Light Six.  Hoping to find a structurally complete item, although I know this is a very tall order!   Please contact Colin Britt on 07730 814013, or
e-mail : colin.britt