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The Association of Singer Car Owners.


General Data Protection Regulations 2018

These new regulations, which came into force wef 25 May 2018, require all Club members and other recipients of Club information to give their specific consent to the club to use the details they hold for the purposes of communicating with them, such as sending the club magazine, e-mails, e-bulletins and membership renewal reminder letters.

Association of Singer Car Owners Data Protection Statement

The club currently collects and stores data relating to its members and their vehicles, and to others to whom it sends complimentary magazines etc.   The data is collected electronically, or in paper form, and is collated onto a master data base.  The following information is recorded, where applicable:

Name  -    Address  -  Telephone number(s)  -   Email address(es) - Vehicle Details, including  Registration Number, Chassis Number, Engine Number, Year of Registration, plus any special details given, such as historical facts about a particular vehicle etc.

The details are stored in an electronic data base.  This is made available to ASCO Committee Members and Area Representatives for the purpose of enabling communication with the membership and carrying out the objects of the Club, as set out in the Club Rules.  Details from the data base are not communicated to other persons, or organisations, without the consent of the individual concerned.   Members may at any time request a copy of the data held on themselves and their vehicle(s), or that their data be removed or amended.

Data relating to club officials is printed in the club magazine (effectively in the public domain) to enable communication between the officials and the membership.

Details of members and ex-members and their vehicles are held indefinitely for the sole purpose of facilitating historical research.  Individuals have the option to have their details deleted permanently should they decide to leave the club.

Bulletins are sent to members via email on a routine basis. The standard wording at the foot of the email gives an option for any member to unsubscribe.

You will see on the Membership Application Form that in accordance with the requirements of the new Data Protection Regulations, you are required to sign that you consent to your data being collected and managed in accordance with the ASCO Data Statement as detailed above, and that you agree to your contact details being used by the club to send you communications.   

The Association of Singer Car Owners thanks you for your cooperation in this matter.









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To JOIN ASCO or to RENEW  your Membership


for an e-mail Application Form.

To pay your Subscription by Cheque, put an ‘X’ in the appropriate space on the e-mail, then post it, together with a memo or your renewal slip, to:

 ASCO Membership Secretary, 30, Highfield Road, Berkhamsted, Herts, HP4 2DD

To pay by Direct Bank Transfer,  enter the date of the transfer in the appropriate space on the e-mail form.  For Renewals, please quote your Membership No as a Reference.                

If paying via PayPal,   put an ‘X’ in the appropriate space on the e-mail.  If you already have a personal PayPal Account, simply Log In and pay the amount normally.

To pay via PayPal using a Credit or Debit Card, proceed to select the Country from where payment is being made.  At this point the page may change to the ‘PayPal Guest Checkout’. (See Note below.) Continue to enter your Card and other details, but before proceeding to ‘Pay Now’, don’t forget to tick the box agreeing to PayPal’s privacy Policy.  Click on Pay Now, and proceed to complete the transaction.  You will receive confirmation of the payment from PayPal, and ASCO will receive a ‘Notification of Payment received’.  Your new Membership Card will be sent with your next Mascot.

Note: As a result of investigating problems encountered by some members, we have been informed that some overseas countries impose a limit on the number of times the ‘Pay as a Guest’ facility may be used, and require that you set up a personal PayPal account.  If this happens when you try to use the facility, we would ask that to avoid having to try and make alternative arrangements to pay your subs, you do set up your own PayPal account.  You can link this to your Credit Card so you still have only the one account to settle. You may also find it very useful to have this account  to pay for any Spares or items of Club Regalia you may wish to purchase from ASCO.Then click on the ‘PAY NOW Button below

If you have just joined ASCO we wish you a warm welcome to the Club.  Your ‘New Member Welcome Pack’ will be in the post to you within
the next few days.  

If you have just renewed your membership - Thank you.   
Your new Membership Card will be sent with your next Mascot magazine.

As you may already be aware, ASCO founded the George Singer Memorial Fund (GSMF) to support students at the Kingston Maurward College, where George Singer was born in 1847 when his father was Farm Bailiff on the Kingston Maurward Estate in Dorset.  If you wish to make a personal contribution to this Fund, please add this to the amount of your membership subscription and it will be chanelled to this very worthwhile fund, now in its fourth year, helping to strengthen the link between the College and the Singer marque.

Note: Renewals are dur annually on 1st April at the April-May Rates, so to save those joining between December and March for having to Renew after such a short time, a renewal for the following year has been included in the Dec/Jan & Feb/Mar rates,     

*For new members, reducing rates are quoted depending on the Month in which you are joining.  This is so your Subscription payment takes you up to the 1st April renewal date.

PS.  If your e-mail is not working or you would prefer to fill in a paper Form to send by Post, CLICK HERE for a Form for Options 1 and 2, or CLICK HERE for a Form for Option 3  

The Subscription Rates when using Option 3, are:

Come and Join Us!

You are cordially invited to join ASCO and to take full advantage of the camaraderie and services offered.  You don't need to own a Singer, although we like to think you would if only you had the space, the time, the money etc.

All Singer enthusiasts are welcome to join and to come along to our events and share the delights of these magnificent old vehicles with us.

Before sending your Application, please read the important notice regarding
ASCO’s Data Protection Policy/Procedure - printed in RED below,

Three Options are available for you to pay your Membership Subscription:

Option 1:     By Post, using a sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank, payable to
                                                                                   ‘The Association of Singer Car Owners’.
Option 2:     By Direct Bank Transfer from a UK bank account.
                      The ASCO account sort code is
30-93-20, and the account number 01381613.
Option 3:     Using PayPal, incl. using a Credit or Debit Card (Except in some
                              O/seas countries, which require that you open a PayPal Account.)

The Subscription Rates when using Options 1 and 2, are: